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Unbewegliche IP-Kamera VGA Weiss

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  • ND012424
The IC-3210W is an indoor security camera featuring two-way audio, sound-detection with video... mehr
Produktinformationen "Unbewegliche IP-Kamera VGA Weiss"
The IC-3210W is an indoor security camera featuring two-way audio, sound-detection with video alerts, and enhanced night vision so you can capture precious moments from every angle in better detail. You can soothe your little one through the camera and see and talk back at any time, whether you’re in the next room or on the other side of the world.

Track Activity with Wired Power
The IC-3210W provides wired USB power with adjustable stand holder for tracking activity at every corner of home.

Wired-to-Wireless DIY Home Security
To help you build more efficient and convenient home security, the IC-3210W provides the combination of wired USB power with adjustable stand holder or 100% wireless battery-powered operation with magnetic wall mount.

Accompanies You Throughout the Day and Night
The IC-3210W’s IR LED has also been upgraded for enhanced night vision up to 3 meters revealing every detail even in darkness. 24/7 remote monitoring your home from anywhere.

Live and Talk to Your Love Ones
Each IC-3210W is equipped with a speaker and microphone for two-way audio communication with family or employees no matter you are.
Farbe: Weiss
Anschluss A: WLAN
App erhältlich für: Android™ & iOS
Netzwerktyp: Wi-Fi
Bildchip: CMOS
Eigenschaften: App, Bewegungssensor
Wireless-Technologien: Wi-Fi
Betriebstemperatur: 0 - 40 °C
Max. Auflösung: VGA
Kamerabildung: Design
Lens: 2.59 mm
Lichtempfindlichkeit: 0.1 lx
Nachtsicht: 3 m
Viewing angle: 57.6 °
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