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2-Port KVM-Schalter Schwarz

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  • ND005213
With the ever-growing demand for higher video quality and the evolution of DisplayPort... mehr
Produktinformationen "2-Port KVM-Schalter Schwarz"
With the ever-growing demand for higher video quality and the evolution of DisplayPort technology, 4K-enabled computers and displays are now widely adopted in visually-intensive and commercial applications. Offering up to 4K resolution, the ATEN CS782DP is at home amongst these demanding scenarios and technological advancements.

The ATEN CS782DP 2-Port USB DisplayPort KVM Switch features 4K video resolution and allows users to access two 4K-enabled computers from a single USB keyboard, USB mouse, and DisplayPort video console.

Doing so with ease, the CS782DP provides three convenient switching methods – using a remote port selector, mouse, or hotkeys for flexible access to any computer connected to the installation. The product even provides premium audio support for a complete multimedia solution. To round off the entire experience, the streamlined, space-saving design of CS782DP also makes it ideal for any working environment.

With its rich feature set, the CS782DP is designed to surpass all requirements in graphic design, animation, and video-editing applications.
Farbe: Schwarz
Funktionssteuerung: Fernanschluss-Wählschalte, Hotkey, Maus
Konsolenanschluss: 1x 3,5-mm-Buchse, 1x DisplayPort-Buchse, 2x USB-A-Buchse
Version: Ultra HD
PC-Anschluss: 2x 3,5-mm-Buchse, 2x DVI-I-Buchse, 2x USB-B-Buchse
Leistungsaufnahme Standby: 4 W
Max. Auflösung: 4096x2160
Monitor-Anschluss: DisplayPort
Audioverbindung: 3.5 mm
USB-Hub: nein
Aussenmaterial: ABS / PVC
Ports: 2-Port
Abmessungen: 94x93x27 mm
Verpackung: Fach
Unterstützte Technologie: 4K @ 60 Hz, HDCP, USB 2.0
Elektrogerätetyp: KVM
Audiounterstützung: ja
Maus- und Tastaturanschluss: USB
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