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KVM Switch 2x HDB-15 Female PS/2 / USB

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  • ND005923
Aten´s new generation of KVM over IP switches – KN series allows local console access and remote... mehr
Produktinformationen "KVM Switch 2x HDB-15 Female PS/2 / USB"
Aten´s new generation of KVM over IP switches – KN series allows local console access and remote over IP access for operators to monitor and access their entire data center over a network using a web-based browser. In addition, they offer out-of-band access with external modem support for BIOS-level troubleshooting when the network is down. To help you manage and control an entire data center, our KVM over IP switches support blade servers and chassis. With powerful new features such as Power Association – KVM ports can be associated with ATEN PDU power outlets for power management of servers from the KVM over IP switches’ user interface. KVM over IP switches now support the new Control Center Video Session Recorder (CCVSR) software. The CCVSR records all operations made on servers accessed through KVM over IP switches. Every operation and change from the BIOS level to logging in, from running software applications to configuring the operating system- is recorded and saved to a secure video file as evidence, without exception. The Virtual Media function lets you map to storage media on USB, hard disk and DVD/CD drives located on remote servers – allowing administrators to conduct file transfers, install applications, run O.S. updates, or perform diagnostics across a network with ease. Enhanced capabilities of KVM over IP switches also include: a Message Board, Panel Array Mode™, Mouse DynaSync™, Adapter ID and Secure Serial Server Access. The secure access to serial-controlled devices includes network equipment, Unix servers, Linux servers, Sun servers and many more serial consoles. It provides installation without needing expensive serial dongles. With dual on-board NICs and dual power supplies, the KVM over IP switches are built for reliability, to ensure 24/7 availability of remote access to all server room computers. A Windows Client and a Java Client are available for remote access. They allow IP connection and login from anywhere over the internet. In addition, ATEN also provides an iOS APP - PadClient, whose intuitive interface makes it easy to connect to the KVM over IP switch and control computers direct from your iPad. Please visit the PadClient webpage for more information. With Aten KVM over IP switches, IT administrators can manage their server rooms and data centers from practically anywhere – minimizing travel costs and MTTR (Mean Time to Repair) – ensuring the highest availability of data center services possible.
Input voltage: 100-240 VAC
Stromversorgung: AC
Anzahl Konsolen: 256
Tiefe: 438.4 mm
Monitor-Anschluss: 2x HDB-15 Female
Konsolenanschluss: 1x HDB-15-Buchse, Blau, 1x USB Mini-B Buchse, 2x 3,5-mm-Buchse, 2x 6-polige Mini-DIN-Buchse, 2x IEC 60320/C14, 2x USB-A-Buchse, 3x USB-A-Buchse, 6x RJ-45 Female
Breite: 287.8 mm
Abmessungen B x H x T: 287.8 x 44 x 438.4 mm
Anzahl PCs / Server: 16
Auflösung: 1920 x 1200
Typ: IP-basiert
PC-Anschluss: 16x RJ45 Buchse
Farbe: Schwarz
LAN / IP-Zugriff: ja
Höhe: 44 mm
Anzahl der PCs: 1 Stk.
USB-Hub: ja
Audioverbindung: 2x 3.5 mm
Audiounterstützung: ja
Maus- und Tastaturanschluss: PS/2, USB
Anzahl der Knöpfe: 5
Materialien: Metall
Gewicht: 3560 g
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