Sonorous IR3000 Infrared Repeater
Sonorous IR3000 Infrared Repeater
Sonorous IR3000 Infrared Repeater


Sonorous IR3000 Infrared Repeater

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Sonorous IR3000 Infrared Repeater

The new infrared IR repeater from Sonorous for up to 6 audio/video devices.

The perfect extension for your infrared remote controls. No more AV components in sight, finally you can leave your AV components behind the closet door.

You can now operate your DVD player, satellite system, stereo system, gaming console or similar despite the closed cabinet doors.

Up to 6 audio/video components can be connected at the same time.

Simply place the infrared signal receiver in sight (e.g. under the television) and attach the output infrared transmitter cables to the AV components behind the cabinet door.

The reception cone of the Sonorous infrared IR repeater is 90° and is compatible with almost all original remote controls.

- Infrared IR Repeater
- Controls up to 6 AV components
- Hidden IR receiver box
- 3 output IR transmitters with 2m cable and mini connector
- 3 output IR transmitters with 1m cable and mini connector
- IR receiver with 1m cable and 4-pin DIN socket
- Plug in power supply

  • Dimensions (LxWxH in mm): 140x160x70x
  • Weight in kg: 0.35