Sonorous NEO2110 (black/silver)
Sonorous NEO2110 (black/silver)
Sonorous NEO2110 (black/silver)


Sonorous NEO2110 (black/silver)

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Sonorous NEO2110 (black/silver)

NEO - design concept for high-quality TV enjoyment
TV racks made of tempered glass and elliptical or round shaped aluminum columns. The NEO series impresses with its lightness and clear shapes. All models feature hidden routing cable management and hidden casters.

Sonorous quality features


Stable and aesthetic columns made of hand-made, brushed and anodised aluminum profiles. A wave-free, semi-matt surface structure is created by hand, which cannot be produced by machine. Before the metal surface is coated, it is colored in one of the shades. The surfaces made of corrosion-resistant metal are covered with a wafer-thin layer that cannot be seen with the naked eye. This special coating is grip mark and stain resistant.

Hardened glass
Also known as safety glass, it is five times more shatterproof than conventional glass. If it breaks under extreme stress, it crumbles into small pieces that pose no risk of injury. Manufactured according to European standard (EN 12150), strength guaranteed by Joule test.

UV bonding
We use the high-tech process of UV bonding to join glass and metal firmly together. The adhesive is hardened by ultraviolet rays. The joints firmly bonded using this method ensure the even distribution of static and dynamic forces over the entire surface. They absorb the load reliably without point pressure. This method is far superior to conventional assembly methods in terms of load-bearing capacity.

Profile protective caps
All our models are equipped with profile protective caps. These prevent aluminum parts from coming into direct contact with glass and thus absorb a large part of the system-related vibrations.

Hidden Roles
360 degree rotating hidden casters. The special design allows the furniture to be moved particularly quietly without scratching the floor.

cable management
Hidden cable routing organizes power and connection cables for a cable-free, aesthetic appearance.

Universal mount

Mount that can be rotated 35 degrees on both sides and is height-adjustable for the optimum viewing position. The latch keeps the mount securely in place. Stoppers prevent the intended angle from being exceeded.

silent stop
This innovative cushioning ensures that the drawers close gently and silently. A practical comfort that underlines your high standards.

5 year manufacturer guarantee
The strict quality standards (ISO 9000) certified by TÜV ensure the highest possible quality for each piece of Sonorous furniture. That's why Sonorous offers a 5-year guarantee on all products. This is how we ensure that you can enjoy our products for many years.

- Top level of 8 mm, second and third level of 5 mm
strong, tempered glass with bevelled edges
- Load capacity upper glass plate: 60 kg
- Elliptical and round shaped, specially machined
aluminum columns
- Integrated cable management system
- Hidden 360 degree rotating casters

- 5 year guarantee

5 year manufacturer guarantee
Sonorous grants a worldwide manufacturer's guarantee on this product against material or processing defects for a period of 5 years from the conclusion of the purchase contract. Provided Sonorous receives a written complaint and proof of purchase, Sonorous, at its option and as the distributor's sole remedy under this manufacturer's warranty, will replace or repair the product. In the case of a warranty claim, the product must be returned to the authorized Sonorous sales partner with the original proof of purchase (invoice, receipt or receipt). The sales receipt must clearly show the name of the seller and the date of purchase. The manufacturer's warranty does not apply if the product has not been assembled in accordance with the instructions, or if the product has been modified, or if the defect is due to external influences, i.e. not defects in material or workmanship, or if the product has been used for purposes and functions that are not recommended by the manufacturer. Guarantor: SONOROUS SES VE GORUNTU SISTEMLERI VE GIDA URUNLERI SAN.TIC.AS Merkez Mah. Güzle İş Merkezi Kat:4 D:1 Çekmeköy Ümraniye 34782 İSTANBUL TURKEY. Rights from this manufacturer's guarantee exist in addition to any statutory rights of the buyer in the event of defects in this product. The latter are not affected by this manufacturer's guarantee.

  • Dimensions (LxWxH in mm): 1200x460x140x
  • Weight in kg: 17