Adaptable waterfilter for refrigerator
Adaptable waterfilter for refrigerator

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Adaptable waterfilter for refrigerator


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Adaptable waterfilter for refrigerator

• For the treatment of drinking water
• Improve taste of water and ice
• Reduces unpleasant odors and tas te, impurities, heavy metals
• Reduces growth of bacteria and limescale

Cartridge Dimension: Ø 52 x 220 mm

Compatible with filter:
55866-05, 55866-06, CS-51, CS-450, CS-452, 70020002518, EVOLFLTR10: 640565, CS52, CS51: Dual Action Filter, Filter Logic FFL-111B, Filter Logic FFL111B, Filterlogic FFL-111B, WF033, AS-FF170, ASFF170, FF170

Used in:
Bosch: Evolution 500 Series, B20CS50SN: Evolution 800 Series, B20CS80SN: KAN58A10-i: KAN58A40-i: KAN58A50-i: KAN58A70-i: KAN58P90-i: KAN58P95-i: KAN58xxx-i: KAN60A40-i
Anwendung: Kühlschrank
Arbeitstemperatur: 2 - 38 °C
Auffangvolumen: 4200 l
Durchmesser: 52 mm
Farbe: Weiss
Höhe: 220 mm
Material: Carbon
Maximaler betriebsdruck: 8 Bar
Service Flussrate: 2 L/min
Vorrichtung: Filtern