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augmented reality

Augmented reality - a new hype or a threat to our jobs? What do you all mean ? Digital reality glasses record work processes and pass them on to the wearer of the glasses, so that, for example, assembly or process errors in production are avoided.

m - commerce

Mobile commerce - The future of digitization in retail is unstoppable. Everything only mobile via smartphone and then? We rely on the future of m-commerce. You can find our free app "asdec" on Google Play (Android) or in the App Store (Apple). Mobile shopping - let yourself be inspired!

The Internet is becoming more and more networked and more and more vulnerable. We also had to experience this this week when we fell victim to the worldwide hacker attack. So don't be surprised by the info posts. But...everything will be fine

Cloud 2.0 - The continuation of an unrecognized success story? A great thing to make insensitive data with a high volume available to customers, friends, family or acquaintances. Everyone has their own private space. Unfortunately, only too few take advantage of these advantages. Be brave and discover the advantages! It would be a shame to miss that , wouldn't it ?

Sharing is in !! Join in for the sake of the environment and in view of global warming. Everyone can contribute! For example through solar wind chargers. Here, electricity can be generated in an environmentally friendly way and free of charge from every home. E-bike riders can use the excess electricity to recharge free of charge while driving past. Just a small step, but one in the right direction!?

Life is becoming more and more automated - people are becoming more and more comfortable, but is that better?

We are also seeing enormous growth in the private sector. Our sensor and infrared fittings for bathrooms and kitchens are becoming increasingly popular. But please not too much automatism. We should also move a bit..... Sport is healthy, isn't it?