The idea came in 1998 to implement a new revolutionary online concept with a home office, worldwide logistic digitization in retail.

In 2000, this was rewarded with an award from "Start Up", a cooperation between the German Savings Banks and Giro Association, management consultancy McKinsey and Stern magazine.

The claim that everyone should be independent and have their own energy for home and mobility.

As one of the first in Germany, we tested mountain e-bikes, e-scooters and a first electric car in 2009 and developed a concept for how these could be operated solely with wind and solar energy.

Because....Mobility of the future only makes sense if the energy from it is created by everyone with renewable energy.

Solar set for charging e-bikes and electric scooters ....was developed in 2016.

A concept with an energy park for wind, solar and hydrogen as well as a charging station was presented to cities in 2014 - none of this was wanted!