Our warranties are based on the respective legislation of the Federal Republic of Germany, the EU and the regulations of the countries of our customers.

The warranty period is 24 months within the EU, calculated from the day the purchased product is handed over.

All resulting services and obligations are implemented on our part to the best of our knowledge and belief in order to be able to welcome you again as a satisfied customer.


With our own strict and constant quality assurance and acceptance checks, we would like to offer you additional service for many products.

Here we trust in your honesty! Fairness first!

In addition to the statutory warranty, we grant additional guarantees for different products and ranges.

These can last for a period of 3-5 years, except for wearing parts and apply including the statutory warranty from the date of purchase.

The following conditions must be observed:

• Strictly follow the care instructions

• Follow the assembly/operating instructions

• Proper operation

• Do not treat chrome-plated surfaces with acidic agents

• do not use scouring agents

• Do not expose to extreme temperatures - See individual instructions, inquiries if necessary

• Observe the operating pressure - especially with low-pressure fittings!

• Submission of the receipt

Depending on the individual case, equivalent spare parts or the complete product will be delivered.

An exchange/return - only after prior written notification to coordinate the optimal shipping. If available, use the return label!

Consignments of goods not prepaid and not agreed with us will be refused upon acceptance.

Excluded from the guarantee are improper assembly/handling and the resulting consequential damage, such as additional services, etc.

This also applies to damage caused by chemical or mechanical effects during transport, storage or repairs.