12/2022 The wind power revolution for almost all users!

The patented small wind turbine from Aeromine generates 50% more electricity than a photovoltaic system with the same output and is also said to be significantly cheaper!

With an output of 5000 watts (5 KW), it is sufficient for a family home and of course for offices etc.

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08 / 2022 Mobile freedom - solar systems for independence

With the solar and innovation systems from BioLite, we would like to bring mobile freedom closer to you. Generate your own electricity, for example, with the BioLite Solar Home 620 or discover Biolite Sunlight simply brilliant!

01 / 2022 Outdoor your Life

With the award-winning filter systems, we have included the "LifeStraw" range in our range. A unique water filter system in great design drinking bottles. Makes drinking water out of a puddle. Ideal for camping, leisure and hiking.