Innovations / awards / prizes

Innovations, the use of future-oriented technologies and a new, revolutionary business concept with absolute cost minimization enable us to offer our customers optimum products and services.


Our advantage - your advantage:

1999 Development of a new revolutionary business concept

1999 World's first creation of an internet platform in the field of sanitation/heating/wellness/regenerative energies with B2C + B2B platform and fully integrated merchandise management online!

1999 Pioneer in the field of regenerative energies - concept solutions for DIY

2000 Our corporate concept received an award from the world's leading management consultancy McKinsey, the magazine "Stern" and the German Savings Banks and Giro Association

2000 highest award for our shop system - shopfinder awarded with 5 stars!

2001 New product development - Sanitary technology "Fittings for problem solving"

2002 Product launch "Shower Columns"

2003 A new product group is successfully introduced and consistently expanded - "Wellness" is the largest and most comprehensive range in retail

2004 Range development - digital sanitary technology sensor technology

2006 Innovative concept solution "Fitness & Medical Care" for large corporations, hotels and hospitals, our TENS device is test winner at "Fit for Fun"

2007 Development and market launch of a "water-energy-saving concept" - first launch of water-saving displays.

2008 New product lines "Bionetec" and "Innovatec". Unique and unique symbiosis of environmentally friendly high-tech products and technical problem solvers with innovation! Copyright by asdec GmbH 2008

2009 "Next Generation" - Regenerative energies - pioneering innovations for a clean environment. "X-Line" New introduction of high class sanitary technology in design, quality and innovation!

2010 New company building - Self-sufficient concept - Energy cost neutralization trend-setting for the trade in trade - Energy park with the latest technologies / Germany - Market launch of the next generation of mobile, regenerative energy systems for camping, leisure, boat and garden. "Green Mobile Solutions" Copyright by asdec GmbH 2010.

2011 "Saving Energy" - solar and wind technology of the future / "Green Line" - the new sanitary innovation for the love of the environment in connection with "Confection" your individuality of your own product!

2012 " Green Mobile " Mobile use of renewable energy our systems 2012 will convince you. The latest solar/hybrid technology for smartphones, e-bikes, e-water scooters and independent full electric mobility. Likewise our new energy & water saving products "Green Tech"

2013 " 3-D printing" The individual design of new products. From sanitary accessories to fittings to small solar products. Everything can be manufactured individually according to customer requirements - everything is unique in individual "manufactory"

2014 " Cloud Styling" Creation of a new platform for individual online design of your products. From the solar/wind/dynamo outdoor charging unit to the individual wellness set. Under the name "Own Design" you are your own designer.

2015 "m-Com" All products are offered to our customers even more easily through our "mobile commerce" platforms. Last but not least, the technical extension of our mobile payment will be implemented. It's even easier to configure and order items. A head start for you - our customers!

2016 "Wellness & More" Under this name, we enable the digitization of wellness products, fittings and fitness products as individualization via an app - "Your own"

2017 "Lean On" A new concept for bundling purchasing synergies is tested and introduced.

2018 "One World" Through an ingenious system, the merging of all customers and suppliers is introduced via dropshipping in order to be able to offer customers a greater variety.

2019 "" The further development of the electric mobility concept from 2010 in symbiosis with the fuel cell as a future-oriented mobility and sharing concept.

Mobility of the future - e-mobility - hydrogen technology

2020 " " Our platform for services and project management for everything to do with digitization. We create complete business concepts for you, from shop systems and social media to business optimization.

Your partner for digitization - project management - innovation - climate protection

2021 "" Here we have put our focus on innovations of everyday life. Our website with great ideas from founders and those who want to become one! The platform not only for young people.....


An efficient, cost-reducing corporate concept combined with innovation enables us to always offer our customers a top performance ratio.

Whether individual products, products for specific special requirements, system solutions, own brand concepts - individuality for our customers has the highest priority.

Advance for the future!

Our customer portfolio:

• DIY - Hardware Stores International

• Grocery / Retail conglomerates

• Purchasing Centers - International

• Hospitals - Medical Care area

• Doctor's Offices - Medical Care area

• Hotel Chains - International

• Drugstore Chains - National

• Wholesalers - International

• Craft workshops National

• Consumer - Consumer Products

For reasons of seriousness and customer/data protection, we do not name any names!

We would be happy to send you a reference list!